Helpful Links

Here's a fact: your mouth is only a few inches away from your brain. Why does that matter? Because when something new and fun hits your brain, you smile. And then everyone can see those wonderful pearly whites. So here are few links to explore with great games, cool facts, and a lot of other things that will stimulate your brain and brighten your smile.

Teeth Brushing Chart

Coloring Sheets

Download these fun coloring and activity sheets for more Smile Zone fun. Bring in your artwork and we'll display it or you can display it at home.

Leprechaun Leprechaun


Snowman Snowman

Santa Santa


Help Mr. Turkey prepare for the marathon. Color his tail and count his footprints.

Spider Spider


Help Cheeky get ready for school. Color and circle the objects he would need.

Bongo's BananasBongo's Bananas

Help Bongo count his bananas by coloring them. Circle and count the bugs too!


Do some cool coloring with Mr. Penguin and his penguin sized toothbrush.


Color the SmileZone smiles. They'll make you smile just like you make us smile.

Toothy's Labyrinth Toothy's Labyrinth