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Gearing Up for Back to School

Have your children started…. the “oh no, its almost time for school” look? Lets help cheer them up, and mom and dad too, with free school supplies! We are having an annual “Backpack Giveaway” this year! The backpack will be loaded full of all the needed school supplies for Springfield Public Schools. Stop by our office to sign up to win! Two winners in total. Speaking of back to school, assistant… read more »

Birthdays and Tooth Fairy Dust

Birthdays abound!!! Happy first birthday to Ethan and Noah Hudkins! Oh how time flies! Dr Hudkins is one proud momma to her bouncy, happy little boys…. and older brother Alex too. The Smile Zone family is excited that their smallest family members are finally having a birthday, May 21st!! Join us in wishing them a happy birthday on our Facebook page where we will be posting some “awe” worthy photo… read more »

In the Office, In the Community

Time has a way of slipping away from us, especially when we are busy with little ones and all the hard work that comes with that! Smile Zone has been keeping busy as well and we are very excited to fill you all in on what has been happening at our office… and all the great things to come! Here at Smile Zone we have always been proud of our patients and their exceptional brushing skills. However, w… read more »

Brush Up on Fun Brushing

Brushing teeth twice a day is essential to maintaining a healthy smile. Regular brushing helps prevent plaque (a clear film of bacteria) from building up on your teeth. The bacteria turns to acids that eats holes in the teeth–ewww! These are cavities! Plaque build-up can also lead to gingivitis which is a gum disease that causes the gums to become red, swollen and sore–ouch!

Brushing doesn’t have t… read more »

Smile Zone Kids are Miracle Kids

Smile Zone is so proud of two of their patients, Danielle Roeder (age 12) and Blake Shanks (age 7), who took part in the Cox Health Medical Mile event this past summer. Both children have been part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for much of their young lives.

Just a few years ago, it didn’t seem that either child would be able to run or be active due to their serious health conditions.… read more »

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